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Aneddo JuhleosHi there, dear readers, I’m Aneddo Juhleos and it’s me to be the main hunter and author of In this article, I’m gonna tell you the story behind the blog creation and about myself, how I came to the blogging, online gambling and what made me search for “Golden Bonus” formula. Here you will find all the details like what is the main idea of the site, why it can be useful for you, why we do this at all. Just relax and enjoy your time reading the article.

The Very Beginning: Who and Why?

So, I’m Aneddo was born in Guadalajara, the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco. It was on 6 April 1987. I was lucky to be a part of the big and united family of 2 parents and 2 older brothers. Thanks to my family and the student exchange program, I moved to Canada and went to The High School at Vancouver Island University for 1 year. It was a great experience that helped me enter the university and also defined me as a traveler.

After that, I came back to the native city and entered Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG) and got my Bachelor of Economics and Business Management. It’s what gave me the knowledge and skills to work abroad as an SMM further in Money Magazine (Australian online magazine) in 2015 and even started to work as an SMM and author in Entrepreneur in 2018.

You, maybe wonder, how I came to the online gambling theme? It’s easy, this activity is highly popular in Canada. And though I’ve lived in Canada for only 1 year, I got engaged a lot. At first, it was just a way to relax and fun. Anyway, the longer I was a gambler, the deeper I dug and found that there are so many blind spots and so little info on the net.

Being a real player of the online casinos, I’ve noticed that not all of the promotions are equally good for customers. My father always taught me to go further than others and to get to the root of the matter. That is what I did and do now. I started my research and then the idea of the blog creation appeared, the place where I could share my thoughts, notes, research results, etc.

Our Goals and Aims

You could have already read the article about Microgaming casinos, where me and my team briefly overlook what we do here and why. So, we share our experience, knowledge, inside information and all the truth about the gambling industry, casino operators, products, games, offers.

Our goal is to show the things as they are with all the pros and cons to help you make the right choice and avoid the scams. All the info provided in the reviews and posts is checked and tested by me and my guys. No advertising or commercial information. Instead, we provide you with the bare facts and our independent opinion only. So, get ready to get hot-button topics, info and details about the online gambling industry.

What Is Your Profit?

We work to inform you and other players, thus, we try to provide the solution for whatever question you have. The blog content grows constantly and updates regularly to give unique information about the online gambling world, accurate and relevant intelligence only. Herewith, there is no need to go through the tons of research work. We do that for you and give you a brief and short overlook with the results provided.

Here we share pro tips, hacks and just useful info as for newbies so for avid players. Even pro gamblers need some help with a definite aspect. Each write-up is elaborated and rather extensive, including multiple points on the issue. All the content and reviews are grouped by the theme and topics to make your search even faster. Thus, you can choose the articles in the following sections:

  1. Casinos section contains the posts and reviews about the online gambling houses and is divided into Mobile, Live Dealer, Bitcoin, High Roller, Real Money, Microgaming.
  2. Bonuses section is devoted to the casino offers. There you can find the next groups: Free Spins, Bitcoin, No Deposit that disclose all the aspects and nuances related to the promotions like terms, rules, timeframes, wagering, expected value, reasonability, restrictions, limits, etc.
  3. Games section will help you find out the crucial facts about the online casino games and reveal some tips, strategies, and hacks. Here you can choose by the following casino games kinds: Blackjack, Free Games, Slots, Baccarat, Roulette, Video Poker.

What’s more, you will get not only the details about the main topic, but also we get useful info about online casino banking nuances, casino formats (mobile, instant, download), facilities, and more.

What Else to Keep In Mind? is a totally free website and anyone around the globe can visit it and read any article he/she wishes. Anyway, you should be aware that the blog uses cookies and that’s made to improve the service and as a result your experience by providing you with the most interesting content about the online casinos and gaming industry.

More details on the issue as well as info about your rights can be found on the Privacy and Cookie Policy page. According to the legal terms, we also inform you about the age limits for the gambling activity, thus only 18+ customers are allowed to deal with the pastime. More information about that is on the Responsible Gambling page, that I urge you to read.

Besides the rights, you also have some responsibilities. That’s the very reason to visit and get aware of the blog rules as well. Herewith, I’m sure that it will take you a few minutes, but will be very helpful to read the Terms & Conditions to keep in mind.

Please, you also should know that the site is not responsible for your losses, errors, misunderstanding and damages that can occur within your real money gameplay and gambling session. The content provides the information based on mine and my team’s experience, not mentioning particular terms of certain casinos.