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Each customer of the blog should obey to the presented terms and conditions. As you keep reading the articles posted on the site, browse and use our service, this means an automatic acceptance of the facilities. Every visitor bears a responsibility for their knowledge about the terms, they are to check the section to be aware of the rights and conditions provided by Atlantis Gold Casino site.

Joining Us

What is Atlantis Gold Casino? This is a website created by professionals for people. We present the information about online gaming for real cash, including different aspects of the pastime. As all the articles are public, we do not ask anyone to form an account here and share your personal data. Instead, we just write reviews about casino bonuses, terms, banking, ratings, and more.

You can find various sections of the service, including the necessary information, among which are the surveys of games by kinds. There, you are to find the general info about the amusements, their rules, privileges and formats.

Herewith, we warn each visitor of ours that Atlantis Gold blog doesn’t take any responsibility for the errors, losses, unpleasant situation or damages that may emerge due to our content. All the information is general, and the particular casino may involve entirely different rules, which should be checked by you.

Every player should take into account the Random Number Generator factor and understand the rate of unpredictable results. For this very reason, you should recheck the Terms & Conditions of the gambling house you want to join.

Privacy and Cookies

You can learn how your personal intelligence is collected, what we require to know about you, how we store and protect the data on the Privacy and Cookie Policy page. For providing the best experience to our customers, we use HTTP cookies and some tracking technologies. This is done as soon as you enter the url of the site. Check the page to find out how you can change the conditions if needed.

Responsible Gaming

We take care about our visitors. We consider the potential problems, which may occur as a result of unhealthy gambling. That is why, we remind that only 18+ years old players are accepted and allowed to become casino members. The Responsible Gambling page includes some points helping you prevent the addiction. There, you can also find some useful tips how to stay safe.

All Rights Reserved

Please, mind that all the texts and content provided here is copyrighted by Atlantis Gold Casino. This implies that the articles belong to the blog and no one is allowed to copy them.

Our experts and writers conduct deep researches to produce the full information about online gambling, including real money stakes, and more. That is why, unless you see ‘Copy Free’ button, you are not permitted to double the surveys for any commercial, advertising, or any other usage purposes.


There is no schedule of changing or updating the content. However, we warn that the blog is entitled to implement some kind of alterations and modifications in the current Terms and Conditions.

That can take place anytime, being founded on the particular situation in the market, or our personal views. The developments can touch upon new features and sections of the site, or vice versa, removal of some points.

Also, we do not inform about the updates, thus, each customer of the blog is responsible to visit the section once in a while and check for new facilities. As you keep on browsing and using the portal, we consider this step as an automatic consent to our rules.