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The roulette – initially French entertainment – belongs to the creations of Blaise Pascal, according to some theories. It originated in 1655. The man was in the monastery, when the idea came to his mind. There is another suggestion.

People say it was a usual monk who composed the structure of the game to make the life in the religious house not so boring. And the last theory narrates that the elaboration of this activity belongs to the group of the monks who took the ancient Tibetan amusement as a basis.

You are to decide what approach to the history to believe. The title “roulette” is translated from French as a little wheel. Undoubtedly, the roots of it are Gallic. The oldest documents include the information that banned playing it. From that time, the game changed greatly and in this chapter we’ll make an attempt to follow its progression and diversity.

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Nevertheless, what the etiology of the activity is, people adore it. The popularity underwent a steady take-off in the era of the Internet, when the online casinos received permission to operate. It was amid the most respected hazardous performances due to the up-market and graceful spirit. There is a remarkable thing that if adding all numbers on the wheel together, we’ll get 666 – the devil figure. Some people say that the inventor closed a deal with a devil to save the rules in secret.

Wheel and Table Variations

The gamblers play on a special virtual surface on the net. There you can see all types of the bets gettable to the players. For you to fully understand the specification, there is a complete set of the terms used for acting:

  • wheel chips – purpose-written chips used for roulette;
  • parlay – stake doubling;
  • odd – falling out of the odd figure;
  • spin – circling of the marble around the swing center;
  • even – falling out of the even index;
  • drop – generalized sum of all chips;
  • bankroll – the budget of the performance.

All these notions are common to all variations, but still the rules vary and we intend to sift the contrasts and peculiarities of the wheels in the European, American and, naturally, French entertainment kinds.


The French guys Louie and François Blanc engineered the wheel of the roulette with merely 1 zero to attract new clients to the casino of Germany. It increased the goodwill level of winning. That is the prime characteristic of the European enjoyment.

Their step was successful and that intensified the sharpness and the hazard. Soon that became the gold standard for other types to have only 1 zero on the surface. It also includes 37 other sectors. The player makes the stakes with the chips, the nominal of which equals to their cost in the online gambling house.

online roulette types offered


Some time later, Americans got the shot to test this famous entertainment on their territory. Quiet soon it underwent the changes and people started calling it American roulette. The wheel involves 38 divisions and two parts with 00 and 0 (double zero and zero). The user arranges the entries with the chips of definite color, marked by the nominal of his wish. They have a certain image which determines the belonging to an accurate table.


There are some similar peculiarities between the French and European games. But the next two rules make them different. They are La Partage and one more – En Plein. La Partage implies that if making a bet on the even odds – on 18 numbers (even/odd, red/black), zero comes up, so you lose only 50% of the stake. Using En Plein, you can put money on any figures, but if zero falls out, so you don’t fail, but your entry is frozen till the next shot. And if you win, the gain will be reduced.

Casino Format to Try

So many days have passed since the implementation of the 1st online roulette. How poor those initial games have been. Nowadays, they have acquired new and more advanced features and become more colorful and attractive. Up to the date, not a single format is accessible for the audience.

The affordability of online, mobile and live versions shows the real effectiveness of the performance and how the software designers care about the virtual thrill-seekers. Having the desire to gamble and with no possibility to visit genuine casinos, the players can simply address some other ways which we will now profoundly discuss.


For the last two decades, the worthiness of the Internet has greatly jumped up. No wonder as more and more businesses and activities started appearing in the digital format. When suppliers noticed the appeal of the web, they “cooked” the idea to create the platform for the online roulette which will be accessible in the online gambling houses.

The lazy players immediately found this way of staking more exciting than the previous land-based one. The stuff you get to possess is the computer at home. That seemed rather attractive and the audience increased to the millions of the users. Nowadays, it keeps on developing and implementing the innovative options.


Usual online version was not enough for the risky adventurers. They became too demanding and the suppliers started thinking over the elaboration of the mobile format, so that the users could enjoy the roulette being on the go.

As there is no a single cell platform, they got to project the systems for Android, iOS, Windows and other devices. The optimization was the best considering Android and Apple production.

All items are placed in the special markets (App Store, Google Play Market, etc.). The applications are the small analogues of the web variant. Unique HTML5 code is the best means for the contemporary development. For the haters of the native apps, there is another instant browser mode.


The online gambling houses which offer the entertainments with live dealers always improve the quality of broadcasting. However, the picture still can’t be called perfect as it is a relatively new feature. Even if the rapidity of your net connection is quite well, there is no insurance that there will be no interruption and interference. The recording of the process is always at the same angle, but you can change it, setting your personal web camera. Really respectable institutions subsidize the premises where the broadcast is happening. The studios are gorgeous and the live dealers are rather good-looking.

Online Roulette Observation by Atlantis Gold

Remember how James Bond played roulette? The implementation of this game into the famous movie made it even more popular. According to the scenario, his character bets on 17 and since then all players started considering this figure a lucky one. One more film that made a boom is Casablanca, where the main hero bets on 22 and wins. That is one more number for the fans to count as a successful one. Are these actions right to apply (use the lucky numerals)? Without knowing the rules, odds and strategies, you can’t give the answer to this question.

How to Play?

According to the practices, the croupier or the system offers all gamesters at the table to make the bets (hanging on the type of the virtual roulette they can differ). The table contains the chart and the wheel with identical numbers (the chart for the stakes and the wheel for play). After making the entries, the dealer arranges rolling. When it stops, the marble falls in a certain section. Compare it with your parlay and see your outcome. Each online casino has the limitation according to the bet rates – there are max and min sizes.

online roulette rules explanation

Odds and Betting Types

The key moment in puzzling out the regs of the game is predicated on the understanding of the stakes and coefficients. In this entertainment there are inside and outside entries. The inside ones are from 1 to 36 plus a zero (the American kind includes also double zero). The payouts are the following:

  • 1:35 – on a single, accurate number;
  • 1:17 – on two close standing digits;
  • 1:11 – on three figures or on a vertical line;
  • 1:8 – on four close standing ones;
  • 1:5 – on six numerals or two vertical lines.

The outside rates are the ones which are not within the playing surface (outside the table). There are also definite payout coefficients considering this type:

  • 1:1 – on even/odd, red/black, sectors from 1 to 18, on segments from 19 to 36;
  • 1:2 – on dozen and horizontal line.

House Edge and Payout Rate

The house edge is the thing that lots of the gamblers worry about as the advantage of the casino attracts no one. American and European types have various indexes according to various parlays. Let’s first discuss the American one. 5.26% is the attribute for such entries as Straight Up, Split, Street, Six Line, Trio and Corner, 7.9% – for Five Number.

These were the inside rates. As for the outside ones, the factor is 5.26% for Red or Black, Odd or Even, High or Low, Dozens and Columns. The inside and outside European stake house edge is permanently the same and composes 2.7%. Consequently, choose the lower coefficient as high edge will not bring you much revenue.

Winning Roulette: Strategy, Systems, Tactics

For more than 300 years roulette attracts people from diverse parts of the planet. During this time the gamblers have elaborated a healthy body of the strategies that are applied today in the online version of the entertainment. Now we will study out the most significant of them, which can assist in reducing the preference of the virtual portal.


The Martingale strategy appeared in the 18th century in FRA region and its purpose was to help thrill-seekers play roulette profitably. Theoretically, if the player possesses much money, he can’t lose. Considering this system, the user has to double his original bet after each loss, what will renew all his previous losses and bring the profit which will equal to the initial stake.

special strategies for online roulette


The guideline of the D’Alembert system resembles the above described plan. However, it differs by not so risky progressions and, consequently, the probability of quick losing of the huge sums is lower here as well. This strategy is utilized for the performance with the outside entries.

The basic supposition resides in the fact that in the long-term perspective the winning frequency of the outside rates is rather balanced: in simple words, winnings on red will finish sooner or later, and the frequency of red and black falling out is relatively equal.


Fibonacci strategy is rather popular amid the experienced thrill-seekers on the net. It broke out in the 12th century. The background of this system is the theory that belonged to the famous Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. According to it, the user avails of the endless numbers progression to enhance the bet limits.

It should be smooth and gradual. Thus, the cheat plan suits those people who possess the narrow budget. We recommend this strategy for the adventurers who wish to entertain themselves during the performance. If you play roulette to earn money, so this tactic can be rather unreliable.

La Bouchere

The tactic of La Bouchere is very effective for many hazardous activities, including online roulette. It is favorable due to its unsophisticated algorithm. In general, even a novice can effectively apply it in the web casino. Some thrill-seekers call it “Cross Out” or “Martingale Split”.

There is a principle of including or excepting the numbers. However, the high risk level can frighten lots of the users. You don’t need any special mathematical calculations here. Your task is to form the structure of the stakes, write everything on a paper and monitor the bankroll.


The Paroli system allows making small entries and winning significant sums. That is why so many users love it. Here you can make both inside and outside bets. However, most frequently exactly the outside ones are more appropriate. Suppose, you put 1 chip on black and in case of winning you take 2 chips for the next round. That is a simple progression. If the run of luck is short, stay calm. That is only the game.

Casino Roulette Bonuses

In due course, one more trick from the portal operators came up. The variety of the lucrative bonuses became affordable for clients who managed to attain something. The conditions are diverse now. We understand how haughty it is for you to be rewarded. So, here are the mainstream promotions which are yours, if you are a big roulette devotee.

Free No Deposit

Saying “hello” to the activity, you receive the first presents. Even without the previous experience, you still obtain the encouragement. After you register, free no deposit prizes become the part of your performance. No investment! You can sponsor the game by your own means – simply activate the offer and start betting. Free cash is not the thing to deny.


After you have availed of your non-cashable promo, you have no way, but deposit money to continue getting the presents. Topping up the gambling balance for the 1st, 2d and the ongoing times, you encounter the encouragements as well. Naturally, the rates differ. Match %, cashback, VIP programs, high roller and other stuff is in the list.

Biggest Roulette Winners

Playing the Roulette Royal developed by Microgaming, a thrill-seeker won the jackpot that composed $1,330,000. The man from Greece relied on his luck, played much and reached the goal. This flagship entertainment from the eminent provider brought happiness and prosperity to the house of this devoted user.