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Bitcoin Casinos Guide

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital or cryptocurrency that works decentralized, in other words, without any third-party controllers. All transactions are performed directly by users. There is no need for any intermediary such as a bank, for example, to be present in the chain. Therefore, Bitcoin is known not only as a currency but also as a payment system.

Note, that neither government nor any regulatory institution can govern and control Bitcoin. In most countries, BTC usage is allowed and equals to the usual cash, in some others, it’s neither permitted nor forbidden; in the remaining ones, cryptocurrency is entirely banned.

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A lot of organizations accept bitcoins as real currency. Some online gaming houses are not an exception.

The main advantage of such institutions is an increased anonymity and high-security level.

Atlantis Gold bitcoin casinos offer their qualified services with a possibility of BTC transactions.

The Legality of BTC Casinos

The legality of BTC casinos is a complex matter and concerns rather the legitimacy of the virtual casino. Crypto-coins are not under the regulation, unlike the gambling sites. If the online casino is legal in a particular country as well as the cryptocurrency usage, then the answer is evident. Their acceptance in certain regions is also quite important.

Deposit and Withdrawal on BTC Gambling Platforms

The owner of bitcoin can transfer it from one wallet to another, realize different payment options with coins, buying or selling them on exchanges. As for bitcoin casinos, players can make a deposit with the help of BTC. Gamblers should be aware of possible limits (especially while withdrawing their winnings), which are determined by these gaming platforms.

Things to Check While Choosing Bitcoin Casino

The list of online casinos that deal with BTC is not that big. However, even among them gamblers would prefer the most reliable. To be sure of the service provider, all players should pay attention to the next nuances: user’s reviews, 24h clients support, the minimum deposit amount, casino ratings, security and trusted applications. Moreover, do not bet too much.


best bitcoin casinosThere are several things to be considered while talking about the security.

A good reputation is the most significant. Then goes proven software developed by the reputable companies.

And, of course, online casinos have to comply with the security standards for data encryption to keep the clients’ info (as well as transactions) completely safe.


There are only several software providers who are able to create the really qualified programs adapted to bitcoin casinos. But they are interested in the provision of required services due to the growing demand for BTC gambling platforms.


Bonuses are that important factor, which plays a significant role while choosing a staking house. The sign-up or welcome bonus is a business card of all gambling sources. The rewards can be presented as gifts, cash, or bitcoins. Atlantis Gold bitcoin casinos offer a wide range of bonus programs, both for the newcomers and already registered clients.


As usual, bitcoin casinos have their own rules and restrictions. They mostly concern such aspects as the maximum winning amount that can be withdrawn; the quantity of times bitcoins have to be in the game before transferring to the wallet or a minimum sum required for the deposit. The pitfalls are present in each staking room, so players should learn them carefully.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are inherent in any organization. Virtual gambling houses have their rules, which work for their own sake. But players always have to take care of personal interests, paying attention to the meaningful details.

Players Reviews

Gambling fans devote a lot of time, not only to the games, but also to the different events concerning the casino theme.

They communicate with each other on various gaming topics and know practically everything that takes place in this sphere.

As a fact, their reviews and comments are a valuable source of information.

Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Bitcoin as an independent cryptocurrency has its own system of transactions.

Both as deposits and as withdrawals are performed either from or into the wallet and have to be confirmed without fail.

BTC Pros

The advantages of the bitcoin payment system are:

  1. The anonymity. No personal data is required.
  2. Security. It is impossible to track transactions. BTC wallets have strong encryption level.
  3. Low fees. There is almost no need to pay charges for operations performance.

Cons of This Cryptocurrency

Minuses of cryptocurrency at bitcoin casino are in the minority:

  1. Сomplexity of the BTC usage understanding.
  2. As this currency became popular recently, the quantity of bitcoin online casinos is quite small.
  3. Only a few providers can give a qualified customer support.