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Video Poker Online

Nevertheless, the video poker is the hazardous card game and is present in actually all online casinos, it is perceived as the character of the sporting activities. There are the reasons for it: this enjoyment is a universally acknowledged part of numerous international tournaments; there are many associations and clubs of it.

It requires a separate approach, definite strategic capabilities, accurate mathematical calculations, observation skills and investigation of the opponents. Although, the performance is usually always for real money, this process brings lots of pleasure both for the clients and the viewers. Besides, there is one more quite significant difference between this amusement and blackjack, lotto, roulette and others.

The gamblers, who enjoy video poker, have the equal odds for winning. Also, here the user can accomplish a stake, if he or she finds it necessary and valuable. Regardless of the rules’ simplicity, there are many technical variants of dealing the cards. Moreover, the feasibility to psychologically influence the partner with the behavior adds some piquantness to the activity.

Top Video Poker Games to Try

People play video poker throughout the world. In the far 1526 the first ever references about it came up. That very “old” kind implied handing 2 cards and beard the title “primero” on the Spanish and Italian locations and “la prime” on the French ones. It involved the disclosure of the bets. There were the following estimated combinations: 3 even units, pairs and Flush. After the four-flushing appeared in 1700, people began using 5 cards instead of 3.

Such psychic bid or the high stake arrangement with really bad playing items at hands to reach the “knockout” of the other gamblers was quite an essential component of acting. The current video poker has undergone great modifications, enriched with diverse winning sets variants and rules and changed from the usual hazardous game into the independent sport type. The French colonists, who occupied the territory along the Missouri, dropped off the entertainment to America.

It came to Europe only during the days of the World War I. Over the last years, due to the network and the chance to play online version, the activity has reached a new breath. Thousands of the users sit staring at PC displays and enjoying the fun. Millions of the dollars move from one account to another. Lots of emotions, money, adrenaline and broken computer mice are the evidences of the amusement influence.

Naturally, the online version lessens the chances to watch the rivals, affect them. However, that doesn’t reduce the pleasure of playing it. The revolution approached the point when every individual can choose the game variation according to his tastes. Read next about the top rated types and feel the contrast.

Jacks or Better

The target of the Jacks or Better amusement player is to capture one of the combinations to receive the reward. The deck consists of 52 items. It can be obtainable for the thrill-seekers absolutely for free. However, the real cash mode demands the registration and deposits. The interface includes the following parts:

  • payout table: is in the right upper field. It has the view of 5 columns with the multipliers for every pattern. You multiply these coefficients by the bet rate using a button;
  • gaming surface: is below the table. Here the user sees his cards. When the winning combinations appear, the units stay still on the field with the inscription “Hold”, but you can take this tick away;
  • control of the honesty: is at the screen top. You can observe the manual of its usage clicking “?” in the up left corner.

Making a bet, you push “Deal” and get the cards. Investigating them, you determine which ones you require taking and putting off. The positive combinations are all as in a usual type plus Jacks or Better that is typical only for this sort. Its house edge is merely 0.46%. The RTP composes 99.54%. These indexes relate to the perfect strategy.

best video poker types offered

Deuces Wild

The poker variation Deuces Wild possesses much bigger dispersion and payout rate (97.97%) than the previous one. 4 Jokers are supplemented to the classic deck involving 52 cards. That is the cause why the payout table is changing.

The operator pays off starting with 3 units of the identical nominal. General coefficients are a bit tinier. You can opt to act with 1, 10, 25 or 50 hands. There is an option of Doubling Down. The minimal stake is $0.01, the maximal – $50.

The combinations are equal as in the classic variant and include one more – four 2s with the chances 200:1. How to win playing it? You get to capture two or three 2s before changing the cards. Then, keep all pairs and 2s. Try to save the parts from Royal Flush. Play with the maximal coins amount.

Bonus Poker

Bonus poker is a really beloved kind by the thrill-seekers for today. It involves good cash outflows for Four of a Kind patterns. If you follow the ideal cheat plan, you can anticipate the Return to Player factor of 99.17%. Consequently, the casino edge is 0.83%. It’s not so beneficial here, but many gamblers still like it as the rules coincide with the conventional type and are not complicated.

Aces and Faces

The Aces and Faces kind possesses the same classic rules which make it simple and rather logical. The usual deck with 52 items is necessary here – without the Jokers. Shuffling is obligatory before each dealing.

The mission of the user is apparent – catch the combinations. You can change from one to five cards at one time (using “Hold” button). Pushing it below the necessary item, the client keeps it on the surface while the new dealing.

One more pro of the enjoyment is the elevated % for the Four of a Kind, Jacks and other huge values. The poor interface is the single stuff that can disappoint you. There are the buttons Deal, Draw, Collect, Double, -/+, Help and Exit. Amid the custom settings, you’ll see only the controlling of the sounds.

Video Poker Strategy – Atlantis Gold Casino Investigation

They say, it is unsophisticated to survey the poker regulations, yet it is rather complicated to succeed. It is a challenging and serious task to become the master in this game. In these lines of the article you’ll read about the omnifarious strategies that will assist in approaching the winner status. Here you’ll sift the main notions, tips to improve the action and how to apply the opponent’s mistakes for your own profit.


The first full-pay set of the strategies includes the simple, intermediate, optimal and other cheat plans. Applying the simple one, you can reach the RTP of 99.46%. The key terminology is: high card (Jack, King and Queen or Ace), outside straight (the units from 7 to 10, for instance), inside straight (the combination that misses 1 item inside – like 6, 7, 9, 10).

The optimal full-pay system suggests 99.54% of the payouts. That is already the proposition for the real professionals. The terminology coincides with the simple one and includes also the penalty card. The intermediate game plan allows approaching the payout of 99.52%. It is not revealed in the conventional value order.

The terms consist of the same notions as two previous strategies, plus 3 more: Straight Flush draw type 1-3. These plans are helpful for the Jacks or Better. 3 to a wild royal, Straight penalty, 2 to a royal and the one with penalty are the systems for the Deuces Wild.

all video poker strategies for perfect game

Quick Quads

The ongoing set of the Quick Quads presupposes the following: 9/7 Double Bonus, 8/5 Triple Bonus, 8/5 Bonus Poker, 9/6 Double Double Bonus and 9/6 Jacks or Better. 9/6 one offers 99.61% of RTP and is rather precise. Smaller payouts are available with 8/5 and 9/7 – 99.55%.

9/6 Double Double Bonus suggests in its turn 99.65% and 8/5 Triple Bonus – 99.87%, the highest coefficient. The devotees of the Quick Quads online poker know that they can act for 5 or 6 coins. It resembles the usual multi-play variant. It is more useful to exploit the return tables with the data about the pays, combinations and probabilities.

Other Strategies

The other cheat plans also exist. They are the Not So Ugly Ducks and 10/7 Double Bonus. Not So Ugly Ducks strategy is for the Deuces Wild players. It is grounded on the optimal system described above. So, the payouts are similar. 10/7 Double Bonus impresses with its RTP, which is…100.7%. That is unbelievable, isn’t it? But that is really a complex task to encounter the perfect strategy employment as here are actually no user losses at all. Only the profit.

Mobile VP Gameplay – Where? How?

The real game satisfaction can be reached via the mobile phone. That is a realness which holds lots of the pluses for the contemporary gambling world. The foremost concept is that the plurality of the thrill-seekers, who switch to betting on the go, increases. That has become a background for us to analyze the issue in this write-up with all specialties.

Video Poker Apps

How can you define the application? This question may seem ridiculous as you got used to such format. And what about the hazardous entertainments like poker? Nowadays, such possibility exists. The soft providers make many efforts toiling over the production of the greatly optimized apps for all platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). Let’s separate these operating systems by the paragraphs.


Apple production beckons with its brilliant design, speed of operations, uniqueness and individuality. How could the suppliers pass it by? Today, there are many iOS based poker activities. Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod for betting and involving appropriate strategies. Where to hunt for the apps? Read further.

video poker for mobile devices

iTunes or App Store?

Very often the users mix up two sources, looking on them as the same markets. They are iTunes and App Store. You address App Store exactly for the mobile apps. It’s a department of the whole iTunes market, which offers the stuff not only for the mobile tools, but also for Mac. Don’t confuse yourself with these things.

Moreover, check the OS version as it may greatly influence the gameplay. The last release that has taken place this December can be quite efficient. Set it on your iPhone 5-7 (as they are the best variants) and keep on enjoying the VP.

Check if your tool has normal memory storage (3 GB of the operating memory), good screen resolution and diagonal (Full HD, 5.5′) and powerful CPU. It is all essential for the process of playing video poker.

Android OS

With the Google Play Market, all your favorite amusements are available anywhere. It’s for the Android smartphones as the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod. Many collections with the descriptions and requirements are there. Moreover, you can examine the feedbacks of the users about all VP offers and check the ratings.

That’s really convenient, as you can think the things through before downloading the application on your device. You can try the latest 7.1 beta version of Android. They say it is rather suitable for such sort of activity. Make sure that your handy possesses good technical characteristics.

2-3 GB of the operating and at least 64 GB of the embedded memory, adequate CPU frequency and big diagonal. Samsung, Meizu, Google Pixel, Huawei and other flagship models will be OK.

Windows Phones and Tablets

Nevertheless, the Windows phones and tablets are slowly becoming the stuff of the past, there are still the users who reveal the curiosity about the poker issue on this very platform. Windows is more suitable for the desktop actually, but the plurality of the portable gadgets also impresses.

You can turn the Windows market upside down, but you’ll certainly hit upon the desired item. Technical background of the phone plays a great role. For example, the same 64 GB of the memory for the apps, 3 GB of the operating one for an adequate launching, suitable screen characteristics are in the “must have” list for your gadget. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, Unlocked, Acer Liquid M330, HP Elite x3 Bundle and others can help you win relaxing with the video poker.

HTML5 for Instant Play

Being too lazy to conduct the search in the relevant sources for the amusement and install it on the mobile, your choice is the HTML5 with the instant access to the activity via the Internet browser. It is an optimal stuff, if you possess a great net connection. HTML5 is an advanced code technology for the best gambling solutions. It is an improved version of the instant mode.

Online Video Poker Bonuses Checked by Atlantis Gold

We’d like to finish the article with some pleasant information. So, as you may guess, the bonuses are the next to discuss. Considering this card activity, they are in the limited quantity. Still, you can activate the Welcome promos by the registration and get some free cash for it.

Sometimes, the operators offer the gifts for exact combinations, for the play on definite dates, for achieving some goals. All online casinos prepare something special for you. Remember, the encouragements can be both deposit and fee free. As for the second type, keep the wager in mind. However, there are some sticky prizes which are impossible to approach at all. Be careful.

Video Poker Jackpot Winners

And the tastiest point – the biggest jackpot winners who made their lives due to online poker. We will signify all of them right with the nicknames and the amounts they gained. These top 5 winnings will definitely encourage you to try the entertainment yourself.

  • Phil Ivey ($19,242,743);
  • Patrik Antonius ($11,315,548);
  • jungleman12 ($10,270,847);
  • Urindanger ($7,411,126);
  • OMGClayAiken ($6,599,838).