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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Please, note that Atlantis Gold site is entitled to change some points and update the current Privacy and Cookie Policy once in a while. The modifications will be conducted without any notification, thus, you are to look for new publications on your own.

This site is considered to be a trusted and reliable source dedicated to online gambling. We provide reviews about online casinos, their bonuses, games, and more. Gaining an access to the data doesn’t require your personal information. However, once you submit your intelligence to us, we guarantee its safety.

Also, keeping to use the service of the site, you agree to be treated under the following policy. This document refers to any kind of information collected from you and your computer. So, check out the text carefully and learn how exactly we secure you, what can be required from you and why we need such data of yours.

Guaranteed Privacy

Using the site in the most plain form – simply reading the articles posted here – you do not have to share any personal info of yours. Getting acquainted with aspects of virtual gambling is easy and can be provided by any person worldwide.

Though, once sharing any data, such as your email, name, or more, we protect all the details from misuse, loss or any damage that may be caused to you. Though Atlantis Gold secures you and your intelligence, we can’t previse the disclosure of the facts online. To prevent illegal opening, please, choose a complex password and do not share the username and other point with anyone.

Info Storage

We do not keep your information for more than it is required by the conditions and our ideas. Once, your email address is in the list, it won’t be deleted until you unsubscribe from our newsletter.

HTTP Cookie

Atlantis Gold uses Cookies. These are small pieces of data collected by our site and stored on your device. The intelligence is harvested for our personal usage, with no commercial or advertising purposes. There exist several sorts of cookies, which include performance, essential, technical, and others.

Once you enter the site, the collected data helps us identify you as a visitor and provide the necessary info. There may be gathered such points as your browser kind and version, mobile device, language preferred, location, and more. Technical characteristics, analysis of open tabs and more are used for customizing the experience and providing more personalized content.

Our Purpose

As you visit the site, we start collecting information about you. After that we customize it, analyze and provide improvements into the content. We keep track of what pages of the blog are interesting to you, checking how long you read one article and how often you go back to it. Taking into account your location, chosen topics, and more, we see which direction to follow and which reviews to present more.

International Transfers

Atlantis Gold casino points out that your information can be revealed only in case we receive a request from a legal foreign lawman outside the European Union. Unless this is a regulatory body, we guarantee the privacy and anonymity of your intelligence. Besides, before we disclose any data about, we thoroughly examine each request. For more details, contact us anytime.

Disabling Cookies

The function is activated automatically. You get a notification with the link to the current page for more info. However, in case you do not want us to harvest any intelligence about you, visit the Settings in your browser and disable the option. You can also delete the latest data, including cache and history. Still, Atlantis Gold does not recommend to cancel the function, as it is needed for your benefit.