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Blackjack Online

Blackjack as a card game originated in the 19th centennium. It became mainstream just immediately. Usual people could play it without the relevancy to master the complicated rules as the activity itself was simple and accessible.

The blossoming of the entertainment had been happening for 100 years. The French immigrants were the thrill-seekers who gave a push for its evolution and took it to New Orleans. Here people started naming it simply 21 instead of “Vingt et Un”.

The contemporary title showed up when the authority had legalized it and allowed playing officially. Online BJ revolution led to the migration of many real casinos to the virtual environment. So, it was a small introduction. The whole article will reveal all features of this amusement for you to form your own attitude.

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The fundamental task of the adventurer in this acting is to inflict damage to the gambling house and increase the chances by doing that. For this you get to capot the dealer. It can happen, if the gambler manages to collect the card combination that equals to 21. Very often even lower totals are proper for the winning – 20, 19 or 18.

Better avoid the higher sums. In such matter, the situation named “too much” appears and the player drops his bet by default. As the users act not against themselves, but against the stickman, their maximal number is narrowed only by the places at the table (special boxes). Lots of the portals allow involving up to 7 people.

21 Games Types

Many individuals reckon that there is purely a single type of BJ – the classic 21 entertainment. That is a tremendous misbelief. There is a healthy body of the alternations with special characteristics and changed rules. Some of them are alike the conventional one, some are hardly recognizable. Practically they all are obtainable for free and real money modes. Choose the kind of your preference relying on the information below.

Blackjack Surrender

The target of Surrender game equals to the old-school one. The main term is “late surrender”. When the croupier has inspected the blackjack, you can exploit this functionality and 50% of your original stake will return to you. There is no background to surrender, if the dealer approaches 21.

Such function brings the advantages for the gambler. However, the contrast to the casino edge is only 0.08%. Some activities allow applying it before the croupier receives BJ and that’s the “early surrender”. Besides, it’s a rare occasion as such feature is more moneymaking for the player.

Blackjack Switch

Switch variation is the layout of Geoff Hall – Englishman. While this performance, the user plays 2 hands at a stretch and has a capacity to “switch” the key cards. For instance, if after the 1st hand you own two aces and after the 2d one – two 10s, you can switch the upper ace to achieve 10+ace (note that the top 10 is also switched); consequently, you have 21/21, instead of AA/1010. That’s a true advantage. It’s the exclusive chance to change bad cards and get more significant combination.

Perfect Blackjack

Perfect BJ goes next. The point that makes it vary from the others is the affordability of the side (supplementary) bet and the feasibility to apply from 2 to 8 decks. There is an individual sector for the pairs stakes.

The Perfect Pair implies composing 2 fully identical units. It brings the payout of 25:1. The payback of the Colored Pair is 12:1, Red/Black – 6:1. However, they can change considering the casino you take for playing.

Number of Hands

This online chance-taking activity includes the hand concept and it implies the outfit of the paying items to the client or to the stickman. The ground-based casinos prohibit touching your personal units. Though, it doesn’t behave toward the virtual surroundings.

Two key types are here – the hard plus the soft one. Hard sort doesn’t demand the existence of the ace, while for the soft one it is compulsory. As the enjoyment has been improving, 2 more types have emerged – single- and multi-hand.

online blackjack bets making


The performance with merely 1 hand was the enjoyment that the gamblers were trying during the initial years of the game implementation. Many thrill-seekers today do not really prefer such variation as the chances to receive blackjack combination compose only 4.8%. That is not ample for successful acting and beneficial winning. Nevertheless, there are still multiple online betting houses where the operators offer to try the single-hand kind.


Multi-hand BJ is the next subject of the discussion. The odds to get profit are 14.4%, what is rather advantageous. The audience of this entertainment is much bigger. Here you can use 2 decks. In this event you get the allowance to act with more than 1 hand.

Cash outflows compose 3:2, the positive insurance stake is 2:1. The privilege of the casino reaches 0.39%. The dealer performs cards shuffling each time. Counting is here too complicated as you can airily be lost and confused with the plurality of operations.

Casino Format

Depending on the format of the virtual portal, you may face various peculiarities of the entertainment. That doesn’t relate to the rules, but to the easement of the usage. It’s rather significant to consider all formats in this topic.


Online version of the amusement is the initial thing to bandy about. That was a tremendous breakthrough when the first old virtual variants of the activity entered the market. For the hot-soul adventurers, the swift to the Internet was very enjoyable.

They could play sitting at home with no necessity to adorn themselves with fine clothes and move to the genuine institution. Currently, you can encounter hundreds of the establishments in the online environment and try each of them.


When a little time passed, the experienced players got bored with the tedious entertainment. The software suppliers noticed that and started thinking over some interesting features to diversify the performance. Live dealer mode became one of such features.

People could set their web cameras and enter the live room by doing that. The providers invite today the pretty girls to monitor the game and people adore it. When you are out for trying this format, register on the portal and choose the table where the live blackjack is available.


Due to the introduction of the HTML5, the mobile gambling has become even more breathtaking than the one on personal computer. This unique technology enabled the gadgets to launch the casinos faster and with no quality losses.

The applications for iOS, Android and Windows devices are publicly conceivable to all users. Another way is the instant browser version that requires no downloading. Naturally, the mobile casinos with online blackjack are a bit modified as they have undergone the serious optimization for normal operation via the smartphones and portable tablets of diverse models and releases.

Online Blackjack – Atlantis Gold Investigation

The next paragraphs of the article will narrate about the other essential information considering digital 21. We will negotiate about the recommendations for both the novices and old dogs, about the cheat plans for the higher odds, about the paying power of the BJ, about the most lucrative bonuses and the enumeration of the winners.

Rules & Tips

All people get used to consult about the issue they are interested in, searching for the proper data on different forums, in blogs, watching the videos and reading the reviews. The beginners and the advanced players conduct the search of the recommendations in different ways. The first ones hunt for the general notions, and the second – for the specialized narrow peculiarities. We have some tips for these two categories.

the card decks for online blackjack

for Beginners

The first-timers don’t actually comprehend how to transform the game into the source of gain. When you are a novice, work with your financial capital. The person should be ready that the cash he invests can be lost. It implies that you gotta deposit such sums which you will not regret to part with.

Never ever bet the last money you possess or, what is even worse, borrow it. You don’t need the debts. Learn how to skillfully distribute the bank. Choose a definite amount for each stake. The client gets to handle with the bet size riding on the bank scale. Moreover, try to control the emotions. The occurrence of them obstructs the activity and can spoil it.

for Advanced Players

All good and educated gamblers know the principles described above. Here another approach will come up. We have several systems that will simplify the performance and enhance the odds if playing correctly. There are 3 points that we reckon will be helpful for you as an advanced player:

  • Cards Counting: it is based on the probabilities and consideration of all cards in the deck or decks. There is one drawback. You can’t keep on counting after the dealer lays the units down as the ongoing hand can contain the rest of them.
  • Ace-Five Count: this system includes counting of exceptionally the aces and the 5s. It’s the unsophisticated plan opposed to the others.
  • Hi-Lo Count: it involves counting of the items where the cards from 2 to 6 equal to +1, and the ones with the images, 10s and aces – to -1.

Winning Strategies Explanation

While enjoying such entertainment as 21, the user gets to profoundly perceive the fact that the successful outcome hangs not only on the luck, but on the preparations and the strategy as well. On the Internet you’ll face numerous systems how to beat the dealer, but here we offer you to check out the best of them with all details.

Basic Strategy

So, many gamblers follow the easiest rules according to which they try to reduce the probability of their failure, that is to avoid “too much” situation. For instance, many people, having got 12 scores, are afraid to receive the 10s next (no wonder as 10 is the most frequent card), so they decide to pass. Such plan on the long distance will not bring much revenue. Playing with it, we decrease our winning odds by 4%. Let’s check another variant called the basic strategy.

1 Deck

Nevertheless, what amount of the decks you use for acting, you should apply special charts with the recommended steps. Entertaining yourself with BJ, we suggest examining exactly 1 deck game chart, although, in online 21 there is no accurate “deck” term: in the online version the dealer doesn’t take the units from the pack and the hands are formed in the random order or by dint of the random number generator.

2 Decks

There are the types where 2 decks are necessary to normally arrange the chance-taking activity. Here you can’t do without the tables as well. Using them for a long time, you get more chances to win, but you still can’t fully eliminate the casino advantage. It is simply impossible.

However, if you wish to slightly reduce the index, so you can apply the above-mentioned systems for counting. But, in the virtual world it is quite complex to count as the random card shuffling algorithm has an object to avoid all possibilities for you to anticipate the next combination.

dibs for playing online blackjack

4 or More Decks

Starting with 4 decks, get ready to do the same as in the previous two paragraphs. Keep the charts close at hand as they are necessary regardless of the packs you use for playing. Practicing this basic strategy is unsophisticated, as you have a crib note in the pocket.

Investigate the sheet with the hints: look at the values of your cards and the vertical left column. Then, in the top horizontal range hunt for the dealer card values and move down to the level of yours – the most optimal decision for you will be at the junction.

European BJ

European entertainment is very amusing and lots of the virtual adventurers adore it. The tactic of its playing is also possible by dint of the tables. Here they are different. The content includes the following notions for your steps: Hit, Pair Splitting, Stand, Surrendering, Doubling Down, Insurance or Even Money.

Panamanian BJ

Panama City blackjack variation has its own regulations. 6 decks are obligatory. The croupier arranges hitting at soft 17. The chart for the Panamanian strategy includes the variants for the hard and soft hands and the splitting actions. In this system the house edge is 0.13% in average.

Simple Strategy

A simple system implies analyzing the cards. Having the pair while the initial hand, the player has to split it. The hand that composes 20 points is not recommended splitting, as having such units, the user possesses the maximal winning chances. The information about the items which you can either double or split is rather haughty for your gains at the end.

Bad Strategies

Not all cheat plans are well-checked and appropriate for the thrill-seekers. For instance, imitating the dealer’s actions is not a very good idea. The house edge here changes from 0.43% to 5.46%. Then, the tactic of avoiding “too much” situation is also improper as it brings no positive results (the edge transforms from 0.43% to 3.91%). The strategy of the “dealer’s hole 10” will also increase the edge from 0.43% to 10.03%. Try to use other tactics, but not these.

Odds and House Edge of 21 Games

The house edge of the entertainment rides on the settings. For example, the index of the game played with 1 and 8 decks will greatly differ. The best way to correctly define the coefficient of the casino advantage is to exploit special online calculators where you signify the main points of the activity and get the result.

Playing with 8 packs, with the odds 3:2 and where the croupier stands at 17 of the soft type, you will receive the edge of 0.43%. Once you change the amount of the decks to 6 and the odds to 6:5, it becomes 1.76%.

Best Casino Bonuses for BJ Gameplay

The Welcome Bonus for all newly registered users is on every portal. You get additional money simply for signing in. Also, the promotions for the first deposit or even for the ongoing ones are possible. You can get the prize for collecting certain card patterns (defined in the terms). Moreover, there are exclusive loyalty plans, tournaments, daily and weekly encouragements and many others.

Blackjack Winners List

Progressive jackpot is the stuff the thrill-seeker hunts for all the time. The Canadian guy – Scott Taylor – was simply enjoying his favorite 21 game and won $155,345 of the biggest prize. That had been unbelievable as he said. But the sum he gained is nothing compared to the hugest jackpot that composed $5.5 million (the achievement belongs to Klaus E. – probably, nickname).