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Atlantis Gold High Roller Casinos

high roller casinosCurrently, the gambling world is moving towards people who do not count money. Thus, individuals, who invest lots of cash and can wage huge amounts, are called High Rollers.

This category appeared long time ago, when rich persons wanted to show off at the tables and to demonstrate their status. Nowadays, they can enjoy amusements online/live dealer as well. Moreover, some casinos may accept only whales, as the minimum limit is too high for an average customer. Interestingly, the numbers considered as a High Roller are different in each place.

Some platforms require spending $50,000-$75,000, others – $100,000-$200,000. However, if you played already using the same group of companies, you will acquire the status automatically. Check this requirement before entering any site.

Benefits of High Roller Casinos

Such clients are extremely important for any entity. Thus, the developers try to organize the best treatment for them, providing the most comfortable stay on the website and offer exceptional promotions/gifts. Even more, owners usually meet them personally at some social events. So, it is crucial to consider all the factors and the potential advantages before deciding in favor or any casino. The following information shows the most important features to look for.

Massive Bonus Offers and Promotions

The amounts of the rewards indeed prevail over the usual (mentioned on the site). Certainly, the quantity should correspond to the deposits of the gambler and his/her bets. Consequently, the ordinary user may be satisfied by 20-50-100 dollars of a gift. Notwithstanding, our users need $300-600-1,000 and much more.

For instance, sign up promo may be 10,000 dollars in total, cash back – 30-40%, free cash for a week (!), wagering requirements are reduced into 20%, no maximum deposit limitation, match bonus of 300-500%. Moreover, the number of the promotions is bigger as well. Indeed, there are also birthday resents, some individual benefits, etc.

High Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Ordinarily, such restrains indicate the period and the amount of money that can be transferred to/from the account. Generally, an average casino allows operate with $5,000-$10,000 per week regardless of the method. However, whales have higher standards, which may reach $50,000-$100,000 weekly.

Additionally, some payment mechanisms take extra charges due to the agreement with the gambling entities. Therefore, for individuals with “big” wallets such barrier can be 0 or close to it. It is often negotiated with each user.

Exclusive Customer Service

Obviously, a relevant support exists literally for everyone. It is ordinarily 24/7 and includes a phone number (for different countries in other languages) and a special email. High Rollers, like VIP customers, have preferential rights.

Thus, they get personal hosts/managers, which are available for any consultation, help, explanation or providing some ideas to enjoy an entertainment with higher profit. Certainly, the scope of the hints is wider and more detailed as well. Senior advisors or ex-players that are aware of all the potential problems can reveal useful tricks and provide the assistance in any case.

Invitation to Special Events

casinos for high rollersThe importance of whales is also determined by dozens of invitations to attend special conferences, parties, to participate in tournaments, contests, etc.

On these meetings, the owners of the website, developers and important client gather and share information, give suggestions, ideas, have fun, announce changes and have a chilling atmosphere. Moreover, the casino may pay for tickets to visit concerts, museums, to travel to other cities and countries as a leisure or for business purposes.

Favored Games in High Roller Casinos

Undoubtedly, most of online amusements have special regimes for High Rollers and VIP individuals. Additionally, there are platforms that opened the doors only to these categories of clients. Nevertheless, there is a list of products that such customers prefer more. We will describe these commodities in short, in the following parts.


The amusement is extremely popular for users in general. Importantly, the most popular type is Punto-Blanco, where there are only a banker’s and player’s hands opposite to each other. The main advantage of this game is the low house edge/high RTP, which are 1/99% respectively.

Having great rate allows being more confident as the amounts are huge. Even more, Baccarat was the primary entertainment that accepted live dealer mode and currently applies such feature in majority of reputable casinos.


The complications of the combinations and the simplicity of the rules are really attractive for whales as they take a risk (having good chances, though), play with dice and have a high level of adrenaline. The main idea is to choose a number and one of the offered positions: Pass/do not pass line, come/do not come bet and odd wages. Additionally, other users can participate as well guessing the outcome.


This game will always be included in the top lists of online commodities. High Rollers choose such type as it offers great RTP up to 99.64%. The product does not mainly depends on luck, as it requires calculating numbers and making right predictions. Thus, a strong strategy is required. The modern security system provides a throughout information concerning the fair play. Therefore, an individual will know that the cards are good to use.