Player’s Experience:

“The goal was to enjoy the game. One day, I won!!! Will be back for more.” – Billie
deuces joker

Super smooth video poker with the best payouts you will find anywhere!

A hand of five cards is dealt face up from a deck of 53, with the deuce and joker as wild cards, used as a substitute for any missing card from a combination. The player clicks on the card that they wish to hold and then selects draw, disregarding the other cards and replacing them with new ones.

Winning combinations are three of a kind and anything stronger, and the choice is available to attempt to double your winnings yet risking losing them by betting on the draw of a single card.

Game features:

4 Deuces + a Joker Pays 10,000 Coins!

Deuces + a Joker are Wild

53 Card Deck