Player’s Experience:

The graphics and animation are simple and one dimensional. Nothing really mind-blowing but that will not matter once you get combinations that will give you fantastic winnings. In fact, one player had experienced winning 4,500 coins with one combination. So the 90,000 maximum prize is really reachable.

The sound effects for some reason are a bit loud compared to the music so you might want to turn your volume down a bit, especially when that mighty King of the Jungle makes his loud roar. But there is one surprise animation though. Hundreds of gold coins suddenly bursts out of the reels when you get a big combination. It’s like being in a real casino when all the coins start shooting out the machine complete with the ringing jackpot sound. If this were a 3D video slot complete with 3D glasses, the coins would be an awesome animation to experience. The music is really nice as well, for some reason relaxing, and very fitting to the theme. It’s like being amidst the safari.

Simply put, if you like the safari theme and love cute animals that look like they could talk, and if you want a simple video slot but gives you huge winnings, then this is for you!
big game

Everybody loves the thrill that the plains of Wild Africa bring. Wild animals on the loose, in their natural habitat. And no one can say exactly what will happen in this dangerous (albeit exciting) theme. Feel the wild African theme with every beat of the ngoma drum but don't forget to watch out for those amazing combinations! Do not worry these animals are actually very nice and friendly. You can tell just by looking at the expressions on their faces right?

Game features:

Big Game is a 5 reel non-progressive video slot has been on the top list of video slots for a few months already, basically because it’s a cute video slot that gives you a chance to win huge coin prizes. It has 30 paylines, and you can win up to 20 free spins with a wild x2 multiplier. To make these winnings possible, first you have to meet the friendly fauna.

The graphics of this animation I would have to say is like a cross between Disney’s Lion King and DreamWork’s Madagascar (Of course they are not affiliated with this game). When you meet the characters you will see a couple of resemblance from the movie animations mentioned.

The famous king of the jungle of course would have to be the Wild. He looks like Alex, the Lion and the star of the Zoo in Madagascar. He substitutes any symbol except the scatter symbols. It would also be helpful to know that any win with the wild symbol doubles your win.

The scatter would be the pretty looking elephant. She doesn’t look like any other movie character, but she can give you up to 20 free spins when you get 5 scatters. 4 scatters is 15 spins, and 3 scatters is for 10 free spins.

The other characters in this video slot are the rhino, the hippo (looks like Gloria from Madagascar), a leopard, a buffalo, a giraffe (looks like Melman from Madagascar), a zebra (looks like Marty the Zebra from Madagascar), an ostrich, a hyena (looks like Ed from Lion King), a baboon (looks like Rafikki from Lion King) and a meerkat (Looks like Timone from the Lion King).

With these features and free spins, a player can win up to 90,000 coins!