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Player's Experience:

Nothing beats playing a video slot with an intriguing theme like this City of Gold. What´s even better is that as mystical as this theme is, the video slot per se also has a few secrets up its sleeves.

You know that sun dial looking thing on top of the slot that surrounds the word “of”? That’s not just any decoration. That’s your golden orb holder. Every time you get three maps on the reels, one of the holes gets placed with one golden orb. The goal is to fill all 10 holes with golden orbs. And once you do, a second screen loads thus beginning the bonus game called Liquid Gold.

On the start of the Liquid Gold bonus game, you are asked to choose between three starting positions where you want the liquid flow to start. Next, the liquid starts flowing and you will need to turn the valves to keep the liquid flowing. Hopefully you will choose the orientation that will allow the gold to flow because some do not. That is the challenge in this bonus game. The goal here is to direct the liquid gold downward. It might feel like a long time before you can collect all ten orbs but you´ll collect them before you know it. And once you do, it´s pretty exciting. Definitely adds more thrill to this game aside from making combinations.

To wrap it up, City of Gold is definitely a unique setting where hidden secrets can amount to huge prizes. It is an exciting albeit controversial new world where aliens are allegedly part of our history. A crazy idea, really. Or is it?

City of Gold

Come and explore a rather interesting new world concept here in City of Gold. A world where the extraterrestrial, paranormal, and supernatural life form collides with our ancient history. See a mixture of images from aliens to golden pyramids to ancient artefacts in this thrilling video slot. If you are familiar with the documentary series called Ancient Aliens, then you will be familiar with this type of perception. Enjoy this game set in an advanced civilization situated in the depth of the South American jungle.


City of Gold is a 5 reel non-progressive video slot with 20 lines, wild x2 multiplier, and up to 9 free spins. But that's just the tip of the pyramid. The features of this game are as awesome and thrilling as the theme. Two words: Bonus Feature! Yes this game has an exciting bonus feature and we all know everyone loves a bonus feature! But before that, let's quickly go through the icons and characters that you will encounter in this mystical slot.

See a blend of ancient artefacts and extraterrestrial images in this game. The spinning medallion is the Wild. It´s the one that moves like a multi-axis trainer used in space camp that spins in all possible directions. Any win with this round medallion symbol will double your win. It also of course substitutes for all the symbols except the scatter and the free spins symbol.

The golden pyramid temple is both the free spin and the scatter. When you get three or more of this, it will activate the free spins feature. Free spins can be activated again even when during the free spins feature.

And the symbol to watch out for is the 3D map because when you get three maps, you get one golden orb. Once you have collected 10 orbs, it will activate the bonus feature. The bonus game is sort of a guessing / puzzle game that rewards you with coins every time you make a successful guess. You can win up to 30,000 coins in this video slot.
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