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Video Slot
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Player's Experience:

A superhero that resembles Storm, The Hulk, / Every guy at one point or another has enjoyed action comic books. Surely this theme will attract a lot of male players. / Particularly liked the background music they used. It is very fitting for an action scene wherein the superheroes are about to execute their master plan to bring down the big bad villain.

The animation is excellent especially during the free spins feature. Captain Shockwave (That purple superhero that kind of looks like Bob Parr or otherwise known as Mr. Incredible), becomes alive, flies out of the reels and flies around your screen, and then once the reels stop spinning, it attacks one symbol turning it into a wild. This happens every spin on the free spins feature. It definitely adds a wow factor in this video slot.

At the end of this feature, the screen displays for you a freespins summary. It shows you the details of your free spins like how many freespins you got and the total of your coin prize. So don't mind counting your freespins during this feature to make sure they are correct because you will see it anyway on the freespins summary. This is actually a smart idea. Click OK and you will be redirected back to your reels.

Alpha Squad Video Slot is certainly an entertaining video slot especially with it's amazing animation during the random wild feature. Not to mention the huge maximum coin prize!

Alpha Squad

Come and meet a group of superheroes with awesome super powers who are a few minutes away from saving the world from all types of disaster. Enjoy the thrilling and triumphant music as you spin your way to saving the world, 3D comic style.

Game features:

This thrilling 5-reel non-progressive video slot is not only action-packed with it's superhero theme, it is also action-packed with game features that all players will enjoy. Enjoy playing up to 30 paylines and 15 coins, wild, and an entertaining freespins feature with random wild. Now let'e meet your superheroes.

The Alpha Squad "A" Logo is the wild. It substitutes any symbol excep the scatter symbol as always. The catter symbol would be the Omega Syndycate's Lair. And then the Alpha Squad Headquarters would be the free spins icon. A player can win up to 24 free spins during the free spins feature. 3 headquarters will give you 6 free spins. 4 headquarters ill give you 12 free spins, and 5 will give you 24 free spins.

Other superheroes and characters that are just as capable and or essential in saving the world that you will meet on thos video slot is The Villain (from the Omega Syndycate), another good female super hero that resembles Storm of X-Men, another superhero that resembles The Hulk, and one more blue-haired femail superhero that looks like she came from the world of Final Fantasy. You will also see crystals, the Alha Squad transportations such as the jet and a cool red car, and a weapon mounted on an arm just like Iron Man's.

With these exciting freeroll feature, a player can win up to a whopping 120,000 coins!
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